The rumble media seo strategy

Stop Competing with Large Companies, Start Beating Them!

Advertising on the internet can be an expensive undertaking. Most large companies spend millions a year on branding and marketing to the masses. This makes it very hard to compete for your market share. If you try to go head to head with a large business you will simply be out gunned. There are only so many spots on the first page of Google and most of them are filled with highly authoritative, strong websites. i.e. Amazon, Target, Wikipedia, etc.

Solution – We need to be more strategic with our targets. By focusing on Long Tailed Keywords we can get you first page placement on Google and by doing so increase your revenue.

Long tailed keywords are searches in Google that are 3 to 6 words long, kind of like a phrase. An example could be something like;

“How much should I sell my home for?”

“Top rated plumbers in my area”

“How much are bankruptcy lawyers?”


Focus on a large number of long tailed keywords that receive 50+ searches a month. By ranking high for multiple keywords we will increase your website traffic dramatically.

Example: If we rank you first page for 10 keywords and each keyword gets an average of 100 searches a month that is 1,000 potential visitors to your website every month.

We project ranking you FIRST PAGE of Google for at least half of your keywords in the first 3 months (or sometimes faster).

A good performing website will get 1,500 to 3,000 hits to their website a month.  We word hard to do this for you.